My First try at Techno Comic

This is an experiment on many things, my ability to translate comics to many languages.

My skills on Art and drawing or lack of to speak of. Distribution of Comics books to the entire Amazon Domain Worldwide and finally to see if there is any evergreen in it.

I will see al of these. If you are in a country other than USA, please use this QR code to reach your own local market on Amazon,. Amazon is Country Specific. You can not buy books from England in US Amazon. So hold your Smartphone on to this QR code, my underlying code will analyze your country and re-direct you to the Proper Amazon page for your country.





New Ebook about AE2 vs Sultan Hisar. WW1 Facts and Discoveries. You can preview the art of the book here.


Hi, I am having problems with Youtube censoring my Movies related to Ottoman Empire. All four of the Movies are now have copyright claims on the audio, I tried to disable the audio, not possible, it gets stuck while changing, Also perhaps as a result of this claim, my unlimited upload ability which I had since I have beta tested youtube was taken away down to 15 min. limit was imposed on to my account. As a result I decide to create mirrors or more like alternatives to some of my Video Clips as fallows. Thanks for reading this.


New EBooks in works about Urban Survival.

I would be very interested to know what is your view of the current situation of the world? IS it same as usual or do you also feel the changes in your life, small but sure steps that your life is getting increasingly harder or dentin to change and not necessarily for the best! Do you feel ready if for example you lost your job, You need to live in a park for a while?, If Russia and China decided to pull finally the plug on USA and you need to defend your family from the resulting chaos as well as the angry hungry mob and the radiation from ICBMs landed all over the states?

Do you feel it is time to build a hide out instead of a summer retreat because these are the times for the former more then the later?

You are not alone, check out my last five eBooks. After doing research for more then four years I’ve written these eBooks and I hope from god it will result great benefit to you and your loved ones.


New ebooks posted on my Facebook as well as Amazon Author page. China vs American Empire an ebook about Korean war push limited to Korean Conflict ,I will not write anything on new war pushed elsewhere in the works but I will write two ebook for instructions on how to survive true these war if you happen to live in one of the targeted zones. I also have a trilogy in along these lines and I will give specific instruction what to do in case of Nuke strike and how to survive true it.


I am Al Boz, I write ebooks on Amazon kindle platform, e-books about Coming era, DIY Electronic energy solutions, Art, Computer Graphics, 3d cg, SIFI Novellas, Children books, Travel, Health and cooking related books check my e-books on fallowing places. Amazon USA Author page Amazon Author page Facebook Facebook page YouTube channel Youtube and this blogger blog is my connection to the world. make sure to watch my intro movie about my area of interest and great stuff on my amazon intro page.


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